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To acknowledge the duty that accompanies every right.
About The Y's Men's Club

The Downtown Y's Men's club has a rich history and tradition of serving the Wichita community. In 2012, our club donated $25,000 to the YMCA to go towards the construction of their new state of the art downtown YMCA building. At one time or another, the Y's Men's membership has consisted of a who's who of Wichita.

The club's purpose is:
To cultivate good fellowship among Y's Men's and YMCA members all over.
To enable Y's Men to keep better informed upon subjects of immediate civic, economic, social and international interest.
To support, by active service, deserving philanthropic and social movements, primarily through the YMCA.
To encourage fairness and justice in civic and international affairs, abstaining always from party politics and sectarianism.
To develop substacial, as distinguished from formal, patriotism by building sound character.
To serve, by dilligent, active, personal and united effort in carrying forward the programs of the YMCA.

We accomplish this through our activities which include member meetings and socials, fund-raising & other community driven events.

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